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    Peter Holdmann

      Phase One released Capture One Pro 12 this month. New features include:

      • Luminosity masking
      • Linear and radial gradient masks
      • Interface redesign
      • Fujifilm simulations (only for certain Fujifilm cameras)
      • Improvements to copy/paste and keyboard shortcuts
      • Plugin architecture

      The plugin architecture is the most interesting, but isn’t much at this point, since like anything with plugins it depends on what is developed for it. So far there are plugins to upload to Format, work with Helicon Focus for focus stacking, and a JPEGmini export plugin.

      The price for the upgrade went up to $150, which is a pretty steep increase in the last two versions, especially since this version doesn’t seem to bring as much in terms of new features as several recent upgrades.

      They always claim color and speed improvements, I don’t really know about the color, but it does seem to be a little quicker on my aging MacBook Pro.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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